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About Dietrich Herlan

I am originally from the sunny city Fortaleza, Brazil, but spent most of my in life England. I first fell in love with travel around the world when I moved to England where I was extensively backpacking through Europe. I have been enticed to experience longer travel and more deeply when I was student at university during summer break and I was able to spend the whole summer travelling through South East Asia. I have been able experience new cultures and embarking on adventures not to mention that I had the opportunity to explore less travelled countries.


People take pictures for different reasons. Why do you?

I take pictures to capture the special moments of my life as when I look at one of my images taken a while ago, I want to be able to see everything exactly the way I saw it and I have enjoyed that moment.

I am aware how quickly time goes before my eyes and the camera is there to document and preserve that moment and to hold on to memories so that it can live forever. Taking pictures helps you to hang on to those memories a little longer.

Do you remember your fist photo and how was taken?

I did not study photography, my interest in photography began from my passion for travelling as ever since I moved to England I started backpacking a lot around Europe and Southeast Asia and I was always fascinating to see all these amazing locations around the world and then I wanted to share my experience with friends and family then I decide to buy my first DSLR and photography. It is hard to tell the first picture I have taken but I believed it was during my early backpacking around Europe.

Where do you draw inspiration for your photographic themes?

I have lived in Asia and while I have spent there I was drawn and gained an appreciation with Asia Culture. There is so much beauty and photographic opportunities can be overwhelming but incredibly inspiring. I can spend all day outside and never get bored to photography.

How do you edit you images?

I use adobe most of the time Lightroom for colour grade and then I tend to use a technique of a Digital Blending, which consists of manually blending multiple bracket exposure in Photoshop in order to obtain the maximun dynamic range.

How can you afford to travel the world as much as you do?

I work, I'm currently a full-time location independent photographer and I self-fund my travel and the half of my income comes from freelance electronic engineering related and the other half of my income derives from image licensing and print sales. I also create photos for different companies and different magazines. But instead of spending the money I earn on material possession I prefer to spend it on travel or reinvest it in the business. As an Electronic and software Engineer I am pretty lucky to be able to do my job in anywhere in the world.

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