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Street of Hanoi - Vietnam

Hanoi is the capital and second largest city in Vietnam (it is only behind Ho Chi Minh City, the former Saigon) The chaos of Hanoi, Vietnam. A city which takes while to adjust to and the streets are filled with motor bikes and street vendor along the road and there, you will find the most iconic Street Vendors in the world. Street Vendor are symbol of Vietnam, they became a unique characteristic of Vietnam. Street Vendor carrying a bamboo frames holding with two big baskets carrying fruits and they can be found in the Old Quarter of Hanoi Without them, Hanoi would be much different.

While I was there, I used to go to Coffee shops every morning to watch the crazy Vietnamese traffic and from there I noticed several street vendors travelling through the Old Quarter of Hanoi all day long. They were carrying a bamboo frames holding with two big baskets carrying fruits or cycling through selling fruits or simple on motor bike carrying a lot of stuff. As they were passing by, I soon decided to photography them from a different angle. The images were taken at several locations in the city, these locations were mostly Coffee balcony and Bridges

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