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Hanoi is the capital and second largest city in Vietnam. It is only behind Ho Chi Minh City, the former Saigon.

The chaos of Hanoi, Vietnam. A city at which takes while to adjust to and the streets are filled with motor bikes and street vendor along the road and there, you will find the most iconic Street Vendors in the world. Street Vendor are symbol of Vietnam, they became a unique characteristic of Vietnam. Hanoi would be much different without them.

Street of Hanoi - Vietnam

While I was living in Vietnam, I was fascinated by the street vendors I watched from a balcony in Hanoi. These suppliers, who often sell fruit from two balanced baskets on a bamboo shoulder frame, are part of daily life of the Vietnamese people. This unique and culturally significant presence inspired me to be creative and to photograph them from a new angle. However, getting the composition I wanted required a lot of attempt and patience.

For this photography project "Street of Hanoi" I wanted to make sure that I only photography the street vendors in the images without any distractions, such as cars or tourists or even other street vendor, to capture the perfect image. To do this, I admit that I spent hours on coffee shops balcony and bridges under the very hot sun, waiting for street vendors to pass by and capture the right moment.

The results are an interesting showing the reality of the traditional life in Hanoi, whether it is suppliers who are pedalling or loading their products. With overflowing or nearly empty baskets after a day of hard work, it's fascinating to study the items loaded by each vendor. I hopes that my images will show people the beauty of street vendors and their important contributions to Vietnamese culture. These candid images are part of a series that tells an untold story of the city. Hanoi would be much different without them.

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