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The Post-Processing of photos is a very important procedure in the life of a professional photographer. As important as taking the best pictures is knowing how to post-processing them so that the result delivered is the best possible. As you may know, post-processing these images can have incredible results.

I am more than happy to be sharing what I use for processing my images.

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Editing - Software


Lightroom is also software developed by Adobe, but with a much greater focus on photographers. All of its tools are geared towards photo processing, being very versatile and easy to use. You can achieve amazing results in a few minutes.


Any of my more in-depth techniques edits such as Focus Stacking, Exposure Blending, Advanced Masking or Dodge and Burn will occur in Photoshop.

Photoshop is the most famous image editing program in the world and you certainly have heard about Photoshop. This Adobe software is among the most widely used image editors in the world, and has many features to explore.

Photoshop can be used by both beginner and professional photographers. Its basic tools are easy to use, but it is possible to deepen the knowledge to realize its full potential.


Luminar is a great photo editing program that offers a range of filter that does not exit in Lightroom. The tools and filters are easy to use and you can achieve different look for your photos. For photographers who want a better editing solution for their images, Luminar is a great photo editor.

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